Weekly challenge!

Get 1 point of extra credit if your answer is 100% correct!

Week Three - Nobody attempted this challenge in week two, so it's staying put.

Task: Delete all unnecessary word.

Instructions: Remove all unnecessary words from the following paragraph without changing its meaning. Do not rearrange words or rephrase the selection. Simply delete unneeded words.

Bob, who is a Gemini, likes to go fishing for fish. Every single Saturday, he will take his fishing pole to the nearby local lake and fish for fish all day until the sun goes down. Then, he’ll go home to his house, clean the fish, boil them in water, and feed them to his pet cat, whose name is Barney. If Barney could talk, he would tell Bob that there is no need to cook the fish. Raw, uncooked fish are just fine.

Week One

How many connecting words or phrases are there in the following sentence:

I like Misawa for many reasons. For example, I like the weather, the food, and the nightlife. But that’s not all I like about it. I also like the cool manhole covers.