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Keeping a portfolio page helps both you and your teacher keep track of the work you have completed for the semester. You are responsible for maintaining a copy of all your work until you receive your final grade.


  • Regardless of how you turn each assignment in, you need to have either a link or a note on your portfolio for each assignment. Regardless of how you submit your work, your portfolio page needs to be in digital format. Most students will probably choose to use a Google Doc, but you can use any digital format you choose as long as the teacher can access it (i.e., wiki, webpage, blog).

  • For each activity, provide a link and title once you have completed your work. If you complete your work as a hard copy (i.e., on paper), state this in lieu of a link. You are responsible for maintaining all your work. Be sure to include a title for each piece of work on your portfolio.

  • For digital files, if you give the teacher edit permissions, he will make corrections and comments directly on the file. Otherwise, teacher input will be made on printouts.

  • And of course, please put your name on your portfolio page.

  • Starting the first quarter of 2019, in order to get full participation/portfolio credit, you will need to include a personal class goals statement at least twice a month. You should identify a fairly specific skill or practice that you'd like to improve. It might help to look at the general homework rubric to get some ideas on choosing an area to focus on, such as language (i.e., grammar, spelling, punctuation), completing work on time, or completing an assignment according to instructions.

It is recommended that you organize your portfolio by week to reflect our class schedule. Deliverables could then simply be listed under the week they are due, with title.