Anything that looks like this needs to be on your portfolio page.

Anything that looks like this needs to be read.

Your textbook indicators:

  • If no indicator = Collections
  • CR = Close Reader
  • PA = Performance Assessment
Week 1: Week of 28-Jan-2019

Wednesday's A class and Thursday's B class will be reviewing PSAT

  • Read and annotate Advice to Youth - Download
  • For each section of Advice to Youth, answer the following questions, making note of the line #s where the evidence is found (to be posted to your portfolio):
    • What is Twain’s message in this section? You can state his direct message or his implied, indirect message, or both.
    • How does Twain use humor in this section?
  • Standards for Twain: RI 2, 4, 6, 8; W 1D, 2B; SL 1D; L 5A

  • Read Animal Farm, The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union, pp 100-113
Week 2: Week of 04-Feb-2019
Week 3: Week of 11-Feb-2019
Week 4: Week of 18-Feb-2019
  • Choose for and start working on final project
  • Turn in a proposal for your final project which includes:
  • Independent work week due to most of the B class being gone for Far East.
Week 5: Week of 25-Feb-2019
Week 6: Week of 04-Mar-2019
  • Vocabulary quiz chapters 3-6
  • Read Animal Farm chapters 8-10
  • Animal Farm chapters 5-10 quiz
  • Final project due
Week 7: Week of 11-Mar-2019
  • Read Coming to Our Senses pp 161-166
  • In-class activity: Vocabulary activity for vocabulary p 169: acuity, stimuli, propensity, transcend, precarious
  • Debate/discussion:
    • As a class, list all the tools discussed in the article
    • Aliens have landed on Earth, and they must leave in 48 hours. This gives them time, however, to give all of use ONE of the tools listed as a sixth sense. In other words, the tool would become part of our internal sensory system.
    • As a class, discuss which tool we should choose
    • Individually, write between 150 and 250 words (firm range) on which tool you would choose and why. The tool you choose must be mentioned in the essay. Post this to your portfolio. The tools/abilities mentioned in the essay include:
      • high-precision tunable eyeballs
      • magnetic detectors
      • spectrum analyzers
      • doppler motion detectors
      • vision with the ability of high-precision microscopes
      • the ability to detect high-energy particles
Week 8: Week of 18-Mar-2019
  • Get your course forms in!
  • Individually, write between 150 and 250 words (firm range) on which tool you would choose and why. The tool you choose must be mentioned in the essay. Post this to your portfolio. Due 1st class of the week. This was extended due to course selection last week.
  • Critical Vocabulary p 182.
  • You can put both your 'tool' paragraph and your critical vocabulary on the same page if you like. For the critical vocabulary, simply answer each of the five questions using complete sentences.
  • Read The Night Face Up pp. 171-179. Quiz next week.
  • In-class collaborative discussion p 179

Listen to Night Face Up with short pauses at page breaks

Week 9: Week of 25-Mar-2019
  • The Night Face Up quiz
  • In-class collaborative discussion p 179
  • In-class timed writing using the collaborative discussion question on p 179 as the prompt. Timed writing Wed for A class and Tue for B class. This may be postponed to next week depending on available time.
Week 10: Week of 01-Apr-2019 End Q3
  • Read Letter from Birmingham Jail pp 319-336
  • Letter from Birmingham Jail quiz
  • Found poem using Critical Vocabulary p 339 plus words from the text of your own choosing.

Listen to Letter from Birmingham Jail read by MLK Junior

Week 11: Week of 15-Apr-2019 Begin Q4
  • Read Revolution 2.0 pp 341-346
  • Speech, based on Performance Task p 348 (options to be added)

Listen to Revolution 2.0 with short pauses at page breaks

Week 12: Week of 22-Apr-2019
  • Read Letter to Viceroy, Lord Irwin pp 351-355
Week 13: Week of 29-Apr-2019
  • Read The Briefcase pp 361-369
  • Performance Task p 371 - Personal Letter
Week 14: Week of 06-May-2019
Week 15: Week of 13-May-2019
Week 16: Week of 20-May-2019
Week 17: Week of 27-May-2019
Week 18: Week of 03-Jun-2019
Week 19: Week of 10-Jun-2019
  • IRP due

*You need to get the teacher's permission before completing an extra credit project. All work for the week needs to be completed before you can work on extra credit. Extra credit projects can only be completed for the week they are listed.