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Anything that looks like this might be on a test.

Anything that looks like this needs to be on your portfolio page.

Week 1: Week of 27-Aug-2018
  • Read What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish, pp 3-8.
  • Analyse Character: Motivations, p 9, Analyzing the Text, p 10, and all of p 11.
  • Practice and Apply, p 12
  • Discuss IRP. Get books by next week.
Week 2: Week of 03-Sep-2018
  • Read Texas v Johnson Majority Opinion, pp 15-16
  • Read American Flag Stands for Tolerance, pp 18-20
  • Analyze the Text, p 17, Collaborative Discussion, p 20, Analyzing the Text, p 22, and Critical Vocabulary, p 23.
  • Practice and Apply, p 23. Use complex sentences to answer questions 1-4. Your answers need to include the critical vocabulary noted.
  • How's your IRP coming?
Week 3: Week of 10-Sep-2018
  • Read The Lottery, pp 25-34
  • All of p 35, Analyzing the Text p 36, and all of p 37.
  • Performance Task, p 36
Week 4: Week of 17-Sep-2018
  • Read Without Title, p 39
  • Support Inferences About Theme, and Analyzing the Text, p 40.
  • Outline for Performance Task A or B pp 41-48, due Friday by 2:30pm.
  • Don't forget to read ... your IRP books!
Week 5: Week of 24-Sep-2018
  • Performance Task A or B pp 41-48, due Friday by 2:30pm.
Week 6: Week of 05-Mar-2018
Week 7: Week of 01-Oct-2018
Week 8: Week of 08-Oct-2018
Week 9: Week of 15-Oct-2018
Week 10: Week of 22-Oct-2018
Week 11: Week of 29-Oct-2018 (Quarter 1 Ends Nov 1)
Week 12: Week of 05-Nov-2018
Week 13: Week of 12-Nov-2018
Week 14: Week of 19-Nov-2018 (Nov 22-3 are Holidays)
Week 15: Week of 26-Nov-2018
Week 16: Week of 03-Dec-2018
Week 17: Week of 10-Dec-2018 (Dec 17 - Jan 2 are Holidays)
Week 18: Week of 02-Jan-2019 (2nd is a Wednesday)
Week 19: Week of 07-Jan-2019
Week 20: Week of 14-Jan-2019
Week 21: Week of 21-Jan-2019