ELA 11 Spring 18 a

To Build a Fire

Yuckiest Food

A Journey
In Close Reader, pp 91-104

We will publish our magazine/newsletter/blog twice a term, around weeks 5 and 9.

This will count as a project or writing grade.

Final exam

Homework and Participation
Students will turn in two self-evaluations per grading period. The teacher will
provide the forms for these evaluations. Students will be given a few minutes in
class at least once a week to complete these evaluations, but they only need to
be turned in twice a term.

The final homework and participation score will be the average of the student's
self-evaluation and the teacher's evaluation, with notes from the teacher if
there is a significant discrepancy.

Read me
This mindmap is set up chronologically, starting with our first reading, The
Yuckiest Food in the Amazon, then working clockwise.

This mindmap and the class schedule will be updated around wwek 4 of the term.