ELA 11

The Crucible

Listen to The Crucible performed by the Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center

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Portfolio Instructions


Anything that looks like this needs to be on your portfolio page.

Anything that looks like this needs to be read.

Your textbook indicators:

  • If no indicator = Collections
  • CR = Close Reader
  • PA = Performance Assessment
Week 1: Week of 28-Jan-2019
  • Discuss class goals statement due on portfolio
  • Group activity: Different sectors will investigate 1) Jack London, 2) Realism, 3) Naturalism, 4) The Yukon and Klondike Gold Rush
  • Read To Build a Fire pp 331-346

  • Choose one of the following:
    • Complete Analyzing the Text p 348
    • Complete Performance Task p 348
  • Watch To Build a Fire if time permits
Week 2: Week of 04-Feb-2019
Week 3: Week of 11-Feb-2019
  • Pre-reading activity: Bring at least one food wrapper or original container (juice, cereal box, Doritos bag, etc.) We will share ingredients.
  • Read Food Product Design pp 359-368
  • Portfolio scored
Week 4: Week of 18-Feb-2019
Week 5: Week of 25-Feb-2019
Week 6: Week of 04-Mar-2019
  • Start reading The Crucible pp 457-539. This week and next, we'll be working with Act 1, pp 457-485
  • Comparative presentation on McCarthyism and the Salem Witch Trials - To be presented or shared next week. Directions in pdf format and a template can be found at this link. You can download an editable file at this link.
  • Start thinking about which character or characters you'd like to create journal entries for.
Week 7: Week of 11-Mar-2019

Collection 6 follows.

Week 8: Week of 18-Mar-2019
  • Get your course forms in!
  • Question selection
  • Read The Crucible Act II, p 487-503
  • Complete either a character journal entry OR play reflection.
  • Thursday and Friday classes are work days. We may work on creating mad lib theater projects using excerpts from the play.
Week 9: Week of 25-Mar-2019
Week 10: Week of 01-Apr-2019 End Q3
Week 11: Week of 15-Apr-2019 Begin Q4
Week 12: Week of 22-Apr-2019
Week 13: Week of 29-Apr-2019
Week 14: Week of 06-May-2019
Week 15: Week of 13-May-2019
Week 16: Week of 20-May-2019
Week 17: Week of 27-May-2019
Week 18: Week of 03-Jun-2019
  • Read The Story of an Hour pp 395-397
  • Discuss p 398 and create one example of each type of irony using words and situations provided by the teacher.
Week 19: Week of 10-Jun-2019
  • Read The Lowest Animal pp 373-378
  • Complete Practice and Apply, bottom of p 381
  • Activity TBA
  • IRP due

*You need to get the teacher's permission before completing an extra credit project. All work for the week needs to be completed before you can work on extra credit. Extra credit projects can only be completed for the week they are listed.