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Anything that looks like this might be on a test.

Anything that looks like this needs to be on your portfolio page.

Anything that looks like this needs to be read.

Your textbook indicators:

  • If no indicator = Collections
  • CR = Close Reader
  • PA = Performance Assessment
Week 2: Week of 03-Sep-2018
  • Get portfolio posted
  • Complete PA Unit 1 Step 1, pp 4-8. The teacher will check p 8 of your PA book.
Week 3: Week of 10-Sep-2018
  • Read Mother Tongue, CR pp 8-18, and answer all questions.
  • Complete PA Unit 1 Step 2, pp 10-20 - Essay (see p 19) needs to be turned in either printed or via portfolio. Due next week.
  • This week, IRP and SRI
Week 4: Week of 17-Sep-2018
  • All grades for weeks 2-3 will be entered during our first class!
  • Read Coming of Age in the Dawnland pp 23-31
  • Analyzing the Text p 33, and Critical Vocabulary p 34
  • Complete PA Unit 1 Step 2, pp 10-20. OUTLINE You need to complete an outline as a separate document. Your outline can be in the form of a traditional outline (see Outline Template) or a mindmap. An easy, free mindmap app is Coggle - https://coggle.it/.
  • Complete PA Unit 1 Step 2, pp 10-20. ESSAY
Week 5: Week of 24-Sep-2018
  • Read Blaxicans pp 87-92
  • Analyzing the Text p 94, and all of p 95
  • Prepare for quiz

Collection 3

Week 6: Week of 01-Oct-2018
  • Quiz #1 for Collection 1
  • Read Growing Up Asian in America pp 187-194
  • Analyzing the Text p 196, and all of p 197
  • PA U2S1 - The last two sentences of the essay on p 37 are, "After paper money came plastic credit cards, and then digitial forms of payment - the form of exchange we are most familiar with today. What will the future bring?"Answer that question in at least 350 words and provide evidence and examples for your reasoning. Remember to proofread!

Week 7: Week of 08-Oct-2018
  • Read Against Nature pp 221-229
  • Analyzing the Text p 231, and all of p 232
  • PA U2S3 - Assignment prompt on p 61 OUTLINE
Week 8: Week of 15-Oct-2018
  • Read The Minister's Black Veil pp 234-246
  • Analyzing the Text p 247, and all of p 248
  • PA U2S3 - Assignment prompt on p 61 ESSAY
Week 9: Week of 22-Oct-2018
  • Read The Pit and the Pendulum pp 249-262
  • Analyzing the Text p 263, and all of p 264
  • Watch Pit and the Pendulum
  • Pre-writing - This is a brainstorming activity in which you simply list, free write, or mindmap, or all of the above, anything that comes to mind for one or all of the readings from our main text (not the PA). There are no right or wrong answers, spelling and grammar will not be graded, and you will be scored purely on RELEVANT QUANTITY (i.e., listing what you had for breakfast doesn't count). The teacher generally values quality over quantity, but this time quantity wins.
Week 10: Week of 29-Oct-2018 (Quarter 1 Ends Nov 1)
  • Quiz on Collection 3
  • Collection 3 final project. You have two choices: 1) Performance Task A, p 267, or 2) A Multimedia Project
Week 11: Week of 05-Nov-2018
Week 12: Week of 12-Nov-2018
Week 13: Week of 19-Nov-2018 (Nov 22-3 are Holidays)
Week 14: Week of 26-Nov-2018
Week 15: Week of 03-Dec-2018
Week 16: Week of 10-Dec-2018 (Dec 17 - Jan 2 are Holidays)
Week 17: Week of 02-Jan-2019 (2nd is a Wednesday)
Week 18: Week of 07-Jan-2019
Week 19: Week of 14-Jan-2019
Week 20: Week of 21-Jan-2019