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ELA 11

You can find a mindmap for the final project at this link.

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This schedule will be updated early in the semester.

Week 1: Week of 29-Jan-2018
  • The Yuckiest Food in the Amazon - Close Reader
    1. Pre-reading activities
  • Homework: Read Close Reader pp. 83-90
  • Homework: Identify questions you have about the reading
  • Post-reading activity: Discussion
  • Newsletter - Brainstorm topics, sections, process, writing teams
Week 2: Week of 05-Feb-2018
  • The Yuckiest Food in the Amazon - Close Reader
  • Pre-writing activities:
    1. Speed discussion on yuckiest food you've eaten.
    2. Outline your non-fictional narrative on the yuckiest food you've eaten.
  • First draft of narrative due
    1. Peer review
    2. Revise
Week 3: Week of 12-Feb-2018
  • Newsletter
    1. Work on section
    2. Share progress with class
  • The Yuckiest Food final draft due the last class of the week
  • To Build a Fire
    1. Pre-reading activity
  • Homework: Read pp. 331-346
  • Homework
    1. Identify 2-4 excerpts that impress you
    2. Identify questions you have
  • Homework: Watch movie version of To Build a Fire
    1. Identify differences between the original story and the movie and be prepared to discuss them in class
  • Quiz on To Build a Fire
Week 4: Week of 19-Feb-2018
  • Newsletter
    1. Work on section
    2. Share progress with class
    3. Everthing for 1st issue should be done by the end of the week!
Week 5: Week of 26-Feb-2018
  • Newsletter published the beginning of the week
  • A Journey
    1. Pre-reading activity
  • Homework: Read The Journey, pp. 91-104 in the Close Reader
  • Homework: As you read, identify what questions you have
  • Post-reading activities:
    1. In class and in groups, we will be completing the questions in the Close Reader
    2. Work on concepts of simile and metaphor 3. Prepare the quiz
Week 6: Week of 05-Mar-2018
  • Newsletter -- start preparing 2nd edition
  • The Journey -- quiz
Week 7: Week of 12-Mar-2018
  • This schedule for weeks 7-9 will be completed around week 5. Please see the mindmap for planned readings.
Week 8: Week of 19-Mar-2018
Week 9: Week of 26-Mar-2018
  • Newsletter -- 2nd edition due
Week 10: Week of 02-Apr-2018 -- SPRING BREAK
Week 11: Week of 09-Apr-2018 -- BEGIN 4TH QUARTER
Week 12: Week of 16-Apr-2018
Week 13: Week of 23-Apr-2018
Week 14: Week of 30-Apr-2018
Week 15: Week of 07-May-2018
Week 16: Week of 14-May-2018
Week 17: Week of 21-May-2018
Week 18: Week of 28-May-2018