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Course Description

This syllabus is located at http://english.cailab.net/ela11/syllabus.php.

This course is designed to strengthen a student's basic skills and knowledge of the English language. Content includes speaking, writing, listening, and general language skill development.

Please see the schedule and mindmap for more information on activities and materials. Please note that the current mindmap only covers the first half of the semester. A new one will be posted for the second half.


ANCHOR TEXT: Collections, Grade 9: Orlando: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017.

SUPPLEMENTAL TEXT: Strunk, W., Jr., & White, E. (1959). The Elements of Style (4th ed.). Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., (Freely available online.)

Teacher Contact Information

Instructor: Daniel Roggenkamp
Room: 204
Phone: DSN: 226-4377

Suggested Supplies

Please come to class prepared to read, write, listen, and speak! Students will be completing most readings as homework, so having a copy of the anchor text available at home is essential.

You are required to maintain a portfolio of all the graded work you complete for this course. You can maintain either a digital or hard-copy portfolio. If you choose to use a hard-copy, you will need a three-ring binder. If you choose to keep a digital portfolio, it needs to be well organized and easily navigable. In short, you are are responsible for keeping your work in order and available until all final semester grades are in.

Grading Policy

The weighted categories for grading are:

  • 25% Homework and Participation
  • 25% Tests and Quizzes (including final exams)
  • 50% Writing Assignments, Projects, and Presentations (including all essays, newsletters, and other projects)

The following grading scale is used in this course:

Grading Scale

Homework and Participation

Homework will be checked in class every week. Students will use their portfolio page to indicate where their homework resides. Students will receive two grades for homework, one in week 4 and the other near the end of the quarter. Homework will be graded as follows:


Graded activities (papers, projects, ect.) are due on the due date. Ten percent will be deducted for every week the deliverable is late.

Classroom Management and Discipline

Students will get two warnings for inappropriate behavior. On the third occurrence, the teacher will contact the parents or guardians to discuss possible solutions. If the behavior continues, the teacher will contact the counselor and principal and the student may face detention or other disciplinary action.


If a student is found to have committed plagiarism, they will receive a 0 for the activity, and the teacher will contact the counselor and parents or guardians.