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Keeping a portfolio page helps both you and your teacher keep track of the work you have completed for the semester. You are responsbile for maintaining a copy of all your work until you receive your final grade.


  • You can maintain and submit your work either on paper or digitally unless the teacher specifies that one format is required. Regardless of how you submit your work, your portfolion page needs to be in digital format. Most students will probably choose to use a Google Doc, but you can use any digital format you choose as long as the teacher can access it.
  • For each activity, provide a link once you have completed your work. If you complete your work as a hard copy (i.e., on paper), state this in lieu of a link. You are responsible for maintaining all your work.
  • If you choose to work primarily with hard copies, you will need a binder or some other means to store your work. If you use hard copies, it is your responsibility to turn them in to the teacher on the due date.

This template is provided for your convenience. You can copy and paste it to your own file or create a portfolio from scratch

Instructions: Put a link to your work on the same week it is listed on our schedule. Give your link a descriptive name.

Graded Work

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