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You can find a mindmap for the final project at this link.

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This schedule will be updated early in the next semester.

Assume we will work on the Newsletter every week. Important dates for the Newsletter are noted in the schedule. We may adjust the Newsletter requirements depending on time availability.

Week 1: Week of 29-Jan-2018
  • Marigolds
  • Pre-reading activity, first class
  • Homework: Read Marigolds, pp. 213-224
  • Homework: Identify 2-4 sentences that stand out
  • Homework: Identify questions you have about language plot
  • Post-reading activity: Discussion
  • Newsletter -- Form writing teams, decide on sections
Week 2: Week of 05-Feb-2018
  • Marigolds
  • Analyzing the Text p. 226
  • Critical Vocabulary p. 227
  • Write quiz questions
  • Homework: Study for quiz
  • Quiz
Week 3: Week of 12-Feb-2018
  • When Do Kids Become Adults
  • Pre-reading activity
  • Homework: Read pp 235-242
  • Homework: Identify at least four persuasive arguments in the reading
  • Homework: Identify any questions you have
  • Critical Vocabulary
  • Discussion
Week 4: Week of 19-Feb-2018
  • When Do Kids Become Adults
  • Pre-reading activity
  • Homework: Read pp 235-242
  • Homework: As you read, identify at least 4 persuasive arguments
  • Homework: As you read, identify any questions you have
  • Post-reading activities
    1. Critical vocabulary
    2. Analyzing the text
    3. Performance task
  • Newsletter -- Volume 1 due by end of week
Week 5: Week of 26-Feb-2018
  • Multimedia Campaign May work alone or with one other person
    1. Brainstorm activities to determine stance and examples
    2. Develop your argument as an outline, mindmap, or other form of graphic organizer
    3. Create your product in your chosen media
Week 6: Week of 05-Mar-2018
  • Multimedia Campaign
    1. Complete projects
    2. Present to class
Week 7: Week of 12-Mar-2018
  • The schedule for weeks 7-9 will be completed sometime around week 4.
  • Articles
Week 8: Week of 19-Mar-2018
  • PSA
Week 9: Week of 26-Mar-2018
  • Newsletter -- 2nd issue due
  • Final
Week 10: Week of 02-Apr-2018 -- SPRING BREAK
Week 11: Week of 09-Apr-2018 -- BEGIN 4TH QUARTER
Week 12: Week of 16-Apr-2018
Week 13: Week of 23-Apr-2018
Week 14: Week of 30-Apr-2018
Week 15: Week of 07-May-2018
Week 16: Week of 14-May-2018
Week 17: Week of 21-May-2018
Week 18: Week of 28-May-2018