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Example of in-text citation

You can find a mindmap for the final project at this link.

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Final Project Information

The grading rubric for the final project can be found at http://english.cailab.net/rubrics/MultimediaReportRubric.pdf

The grading rubric for the presentation of the final project can be found at http://english.cailab.net/rubrics/MultimediaPresentationRubric.pdf.

Example of in-text citation

APA Lesson
For the APA section of your final project, you can find the answers to all the questions by using the links at http://url.cailab.net/3z.

APA Teams

Instructions: Copy and paste the questions from this page to your group's wiki page then answer the questions on the wiki page. Put the names of your group members on the wiki page as well.