IRP Promotional Poster

The purpose of this final activity for one book you read this quarter is to create an advertisement, or promotional poster, that encourages other people to read your chosen book.

Think of a movie poster, but for a book.

You can complete your poster either the old fashioned way (poster board, markers, pictures, etc.), or digitally using a platform such as Canva or any image software available on our computers. Regardless of how you complete the project, it needs to be essentially a single graphic. You cannot use presentation software.

Your report must include:

  • The obvious (title, author, date published, genre)
  • Graphics! Pictures, photographs, eye-catching stuff
  • There is not a word limit, but use text to pique interest and grab attention
  • Next steps -- tell your audience where they can find the book

You will be graded using the general homework rubric.

Relevant Standards:

Grades 9-10

Grades 11-12