Multimedia Project for Collections Text

For this project, you will present, summarize, and discuss one of the readings from your current Collection. Your project should provide the following information as a minimum:

  • An introduction (title, author, genre, date, etc.)
  • The main idea or theme(s) of the work and a short summary for it
  • Your thesis (Did you like it or not? Did the author effectively communicate their main idea or not?)
  • Supporting evidence and examples for your thesis

You might also include information such as the background of the author or the context in which the piece was written.

It is important that you do not simply report what your selection was 'about'. You do have to include some factual information as indicated above, but the core of your review is your thesis, and your thesis should answer the question of whether you liked the selection or not, how you felt about it, whether you think it worked or did not work, with support in the form of specific examples or excerpts from the seletion.

To complete this project, you can use any one of the following platforms:

  • Prezi (presentation)
  • pbWorks (wiki)
  • Canva (infographic)
  • Piktochart (infographic)
  • A Google Site (web site)
  • Or a platform of your choice with permission of the instructor
  • If you have difficulty creating an account on any of these platforms, let your instructor know and he can set one up for you.

Your project must include all the main elements that an essay would have, such as thesis statement, supporting ideas, and specific examples or evidence.

Your project needs to include the following as a minimum:

  • 350 words
  • At least three instances of additional media, such as graphics, video, or audio. For example, three pictures, or two pictures and one video, or one picture, one video, and one audio, etc.

Pay attention to formatting and presentation! Regardless of what platform you use, pay attention to your headings, layout, font, colors, and overall design.

Your project will be evaluated using the Multimedia Report Rubric.


Grades 9-10

Grades 11-12