Anything that looks like this needs to be turned in.

Anything that looks like this needs to be read.

Anything that looks like this is a credit / no-credit activity.


Week 1: Week of 26-Aug-2019
  • Review syllabus
  • Review week 2 (sub for one day)
  • Library computer account set up and orientation
  • Assign textbooks and preview our first reading and activities
  • Work on outline for Performance Task p 8
Week 2: Week of 02-Sep-2019
  • SRI
  • Brainstorm important, positive features of our school or community. (PT p. 8)
  • Read A Quilt of a Country, pp 3-6. We may read this in class.
  • Analyzing the Text, p 8.
  • Performance Task, p 8, due Friday. Minimum of 250 words and 3 paragraphs.
Week 3: Week of 09-Sep-2019
  • Review Analyzing the Text
  • Peer review / work on final drafts of Performance Task p. 8
  • Analyzing the Text, p 8 and Critical Vocabulary p 9 -- extension activities.
    • Chain story using critical vocabulary and logical connectors
    • In-class response to one adapted Analyze the Text question
    • Stories using target vocabulary
    • Homework: Read Once Upon a Time, pp 11-16
Week 4: Week of 16-Sep-2019
  • Review last week's assessment
  • Pre-reading: Research apartheid-era South Africa, research author, make predictions, and preview vocabulary.
  • Read Once Upon a Time, pp 11-16
  • Analyzing the Text, p 18, and Critical Vocabulary, p 19
  • Performance Task, p 18. This does not have to be performed. Your fairy tale can be in one of the following forms: 1) infographic, 2) digital graphic novel, 3) hand drawn graphic novel either on poster board or craft paper. Heres a good resource: Elements of Fairy Tales
Week 5: Week of 23-Sep-2019
  • In-class assessment for Once Upon a Time.
  • Read Rituals of Memory, pp 21-24
  • Analyzing the Text, p 25, and all of page 26. You no longer have to hand this in, but we'll go over it in class and 1-2 questions on our quiz will be based on the Analyze the Text section.
  • Complete PA Unit 1 Step 3, pp 21-30: OUTLINE. You need to complete an outline as a separate document. Your outline can be in the form of a traditional outline (see Outline Template) or a mindmap. An easy, free mindmap app is Coggle - The teacher will check this in class.
  • Complete PA Unit 1 Step 3, pp 21-30: ESSAY. Due next week, but don't put it off! Topic: Can you make real friends on the Internet?
Week 6: Week of 30-Sep-2019
  • Rituals of Memory assessment
  • Complete PA Unit 1 Step 3, pp 21-30: ESSAY - Topic: Can you make real friends on the Internet?
  • Work on Multimedia Activity
Week 7: Week of 07-Oct-2019
Week 8: Week of 14-Oct-2019
  • Read The March on Washington, pp 47-51.. You can download a recording of the actual speech at
  • Analyze the Text p 53 and Critical Vocabulary p 54. We'll complete this in-class in pairs. If we don't do well on this in class, it will be on your quiz. Evil laugh.
Week 9: Week of 21-Oct-2019
  • Read from Nobody Turn Me Around: A People's History of the 1963 March on Washington, pp 55-68
  • Performance Task p 72. Be sure to use 1st person! Due next week when the teacher returns.
    Standards: RI1, RI3, RI7 W3.
    Objectives: Using correct spelling and grammar, write at least three paragraphs of a first-person account of a fictional experience you had (attending MLK's I Have a Dream speech.)
Week 10: Week of 28-Oct-2019
  • I Have a Dream quiz
  • Read The Censors pp 89-92
  • Complete Performance Task p 94 Step 1. But instead of you writing both letters yourself, you will write the first letter and pass it to your classmate, and you will write the second letter about that which your classmate passed to you. You will be using the wiki at >>Download activity instructions<<
    Standards: W2, W6, L5
    Objectives: You will be able to identify and use the connotations and denotations of words and phrases.
Week 11: Week of 04-Nov-2019
  • Read When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine, pp 103-118. You can download this story for printing here.
  • Pirzada Performance Task p. 120
    Standards: RL1, RL3, RL6,W9
    Objective: You will use clues from a narrative to write letters from the perspective of one of the characters.
  • The Censors Step 2 if time permits
Week 12: Week of 11-Nov-2019
Week 13: Week of 18-Nov-2019
Week 14: Week of 25-Nov-2019
Week 15: Week of 02-Dec-2019
  • Unit 1 Lesson 1, Hero timeline
  • Unit 1 Lesson 1, Read Where Have All Our Heroes Gone? with follow-up discussion.
  • One-paragraph response to the following prompt: Define the term 'hero' and give an example of someone you know personally who you consider a hero or a well-known person you consider a hero and why.
    Be sure to proofread your paragraph. This must be printed out and turned in.
  • Where Have All Our Heroes Gone quiz
  • Work on short play outline for extra credit if all other work is finished.
  • Character work: Speed discussion in character / improv
Week 16: Week of 09-Dec-2019
Week 17: Week of 16-Dec-2019
Week 18: Week of 06-Jan-2020
Week 19: Week of 13-Jan-2020
  • Read Love's Vocabulary pp 163-168
  • Class activity: Dual mind map or T-chart. On one side, words or phrases that complete the sentence, "I love _____." On the other side, synonyms for the word love
  • Individual writing activity options (minimum 350 words for either):
    • Choose one of the words or phrases that completes the sentence, "I love _____," and write at least 350 words describing how you feel about that person, place, or thing without using the word love.

    • You are a member of the audience in the circus where the beginning of The Leap takes place. You witness the accident. Write an account of your experience. It might include your feelings, how you had to run from the tent, the mood of the crowd, or anything you wish to share.
Week 20: Week of 20-Jan-2020
  • Read At Dusk p 147

For Semester 2, add to the schedule:

  • Collection 3, The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket
  • Quiz on Love's Vocabulary
  • At Dusk discussion and activity

*You need to get the teacher's permission before completing an extra credit project. All work for the week needs to be completed before you can work on extra credit. Extra credit projects can only be completed for the week they are listed.