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Anything that looks like this needs to be turned in.

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Anything that looks like this is a credit / no-credit activity.

Week 1: Week of 27-Jan-2020, A
  • Read Love's Vocabulary pp 163-168. PDF version here.
  • Complete Analyze the Text p. 170 in class (Wed for A classes)
  • Quiz on Love's Vocabulary (Fri for A classes.) We will review Analyze the Text before the quiz.
  • Join class Google Group
  • Logical fallacies
  • Looking ahead to week 2: brainstorm reasons we should or should not explore space.
    • RPS to determine which hemisphere is for and which is against
    • Hemispheres brainstorm and list reasons for their argument
    • Random name picker to kick off and continue debate
Week 2: Week of 03-Feb-2020, B
Week 3: Week of 10-Feb-2020, A
  • Analyzing the Text, p 438, for the Space reading.
  • Discuss Critical Vocabulary, p 439
  • Discuss Performance Task, p 438, with an eye towards creating a good argument and avoiding logical fallacies.
  • Outline for Performance Task p 438 due first class of this week. Outline must include arguments/proof/examples. Download the rubric.
  • Standards: RI1-3, 5, 6, 8; W1; L3, 4c
Week 4: Week of 17-Feb-2020, Mon holiday, Tue no school for students, Wed A day
  • Discuss extended list of transitional words and phrase.
  • In-class, group activity using our Google group to create chain stories using logical connectors (and logical fallacies for extra credit). The teacher will assign a logical connector for each round of writing, and that connector must be used in each group's contribution.
  • Discuss Language and Style: Transitions, p 440. Complete the Practice and Apply section using your Explore Space essay. On Friday, you will peer review your essays and suggest where transitions can be added do improve the essay.
  • Explore Space essay due last class of the week
  • Standards: RI1-3, 5, 6, 8; W1; L3, 4c
Week 5: Week of 24-Feb-2020, B
  • Read The Hero's Journey
  • Watch What Makes a Hero
  • We will brainstorm a short list of popular movies and novels that include a hero's journey. You will outline your chosen movie or book according to Josepth Campbell's Monomyth. If we have time, we might do an example as a class for The Wizard of Oz.
  • Your Hero's Journey - Using the Hero's Journey template, create a timeline with short descriptions of what happens at each stage for a Hero's Journey of your own creation. Superpowers are allowed, but your story must be based in Misawa. Be original!
  • Standards: RI 1, 2, 4; W 10; SL 2-3; L6
Week 6: Week of 02-Mar-2020, A

Below needs updated for Q3 2020

Week 7: Week of 09-Mar-2020, B
  • Post answers to the following questions for An Ordinary Man to the deliverables spreadsheet, or you can print it out and hand it to the teacher:
    • List three facts that stand out to you and why
    • List three actions the author took to protect those in his hotel
    • List three causes of the genocide according to the author
    • According to the author, what was the most important thing that saved the lives of the people in the hotel? Why was this so important?
    • Standards: RI 1, 2, 4; W 10; SL 2-3; L6
    • Make up quiz for those who didn't post answer to the above questions
Week 8: Week of 16-Mar-2020, A

Listen to Deep Survival with short pauses at page breaks

Week 9: Week of 23-Mar-2020, B

Instructions for Performance Task p 336

Week 10: Week of 30-Mar-2020, A

Week 11: Week of 13-Apr-2020, A
  • Personal letter to a real or fictional friend or relative who lives far away. Your letter must include at least 300 words and can be about any of the following:
    • Your real spring vacation
    • A fictional spring vacation
    • Your real plans for summer or an upcoming PCS
    • Your fictional plans for the summer
    • Life in Misawa
  • Introduce upcoming series of 3 projects
Week 12: Week of 20-Apr-2020, Mon no school for students, Tue B day
  • Get book for IRP
  • Discuss Project 1; review different topics and platforms
  • Turn in Project 1 Proposal by the end of second class. Your proposal needs to include:
    • Chosen topic
    • Chosen platform
    • At least three credible sources
Week 13: Week of 27-Apr-2020, B
  • Review using proper citation and references
  • Graded on progress. You can demonstrate progress by any of the following:
    • Detailed outline or notes
    • Rough draft of sorts (depending on platform)
    • Script (depending on platform)
    • Visuals or other multimedia collected or created
Week 14: Week of 04-May-2020, A
  • Complete Project 1
Week 15: Week of 11-May-2020, B
  • Project 1 presentations
  • Brainstorm Project 2 topics
Week 16: Week of 25-May-2020, Mon no school for students, Tue B day
Week 17: Week of 01-Jun-2020, B
Week 18: Week of 08-Jun-2020, A

*You need to get the teacher's permission before completing an extra credit project. All work for the week needs to be completed before you can work on extra credit. Extra credit projects can only be completed for the week they are listed.