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Anything that looks like this needs to be turned in.

Anything that looks like this needs to be read.

Anything that looks like this is a credit / no-credit activity.

Week 1: Week of 24-Aug-2020, Mon and Tue are 8-period days, Wed is an A
  • Review syllabus
  • Library computer account set up and orientation
  • Assign textbooks and preview our first reading and activities. Brainstorm ideas as a class for the Performance Task p 8.
  • Work on outline for Performance Task p 8. This will be due next week.
Week 2: Week of 31-Aug-2020, B
  • Pre-reading: Review Analyzing the Text, p 8. Brainstorm important, positive features of our school or community. (PT p. 8)
  • Read A Quilt of a Country, pp 3-6. Download pdf.
  • Performance Task, p 8, due Friday. Minimum of 250 words and 3 paragraphs. View task.
  • Start working on a class quilt. Download instructions.
Week 3: Week of 07-Sep-2020, Mon is a holiday, Tue is an A
  • Pre-reading discussion: What makes a fairy tale?
  • Read Once Upon a Time, pp 11-16 Download pdf.
  • Complete individual sections of the class quilt. If in-class, give them to the instructor. If on-line, upload to Google Classroom. Download instructions.
Week 4: Week of 14-Sep-2020, A
  • Pre-reading: Research apartheid-era South Africa, research author, make predictions, and preview vocabulary.
  • Read Once Upon a Time, pp 11-16. Download pdf.
  • Once Upon a Time culminating activity options. You must choose one of the following:
    • Alternate ending: Write an alternate ending to the story. Minimum words - 350.
    • Chronological outline: Create an outline for the story on Google Docs. The outline must reflect all events or movements in the story.
    • Character analysis: Write your own analysis for each character. What type of person are they? What motivates them? What do they look like? You can use a Google Doc, mindmap (Coggle), website, video, or any other media with teacher's permission.
    • All options will be graded using the General Homework Rubric
    • Due next week
Week 5: Week of 21-Sep-2020, B
  • Pre-reading for Rituals of Memory pp 21-24
  • Read Rituals of Memory
  • Once Upon a Time culminating activity due
Week 6: Week of 28-Sep-2020, Mon & Fri no school for students, Tue is an A
  • Using Coggle or completing by hand, create a mindmap for Rituals of Memory. Your map should include memories from the essay, qualities of those memories, other thoughts or experiences the author shares, etc. The teacher will share a demo mindmap.
  • Work on Multimedia Activity
Week 7: Week of 05-Oct-2020, B
Week 8: Week of 12-Oct-2020, Mon holiday, Tue is an A
Week 9: Week of 19-Oct-2020, B, no school for students Fri
Week 10: Week of 26-Oct-2020, A, no school for students Fri
Week 11: Week of 02-Nov-2020, A
Week 12: Week of 09-Nov-2020, B, Wed holiday
Week 13: Week of 16-Nov-2020, B
Week 14: Week of 23-Nov-2020, A, Thu & Fri holiday
Week 15: Week of 30-Nov-2020, B
Week 16: Week of 07-Dec-2020, Mon CCR no school for students, Tue A day
Week 17: Week of 14-Dec-2020, A
Week 18: Week of 04-Jan-2020, B
Week 19: Week of 11-Jan-2020, Exam schedule