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Anything that looks like this is a credit / no-credit activity.

Week 1: Week of 24-Aug-2020, Mon and Tue are 8-period days, Wed is an A
  • Review syllabus
  • Library computer account set up and orientation
  • Assign textbooks and preview our first reading and activities. Brainstorm ideas as a class for the Performance Task p 8.
  • Go over IRP requirements
  • Read A Quilt of a Country, pp 3-6. Download pdf.
  • Discuss A Quilt of a Country, including the Analyze the Text section (page 7 or 8 of the text)
Week 2: Week of 31-Aug-2020, B
  • Tuesday -- to the library to look for an IRP book. Bring your notebooks because Mr. Hovenkotter will be showing you how to access and navigate library resources online.
  • Work on the essay for A Quilt of a Country. | Essay prompt for A Quilt of a Country
    Pre-writing activities (brainstorming, group discussion, listing, outlining)
  • First draft due the first class of next week. We will then peer review. Final draft is due the last class of next week.
  • Due this week: A one-sentence thesis statement in response to the main question in the essay prompt, "Do you think Quindlen’s essay accurately reflects American culture, society, and people today?" Of course, this should be a complex sentence rather than a simple yes or no. It will probably include a word such as 'because'. You can change it later when you write your essay, but I want to see that you all are making progress. Credit/No-credit.
Week 3: Week of 07-Sep-2020, Mon is a holiday, Tue is an A
  • Peer review A Quilt of a Country essay
  • Pre-reading: Research apartheid-era South Africa, research author, make predictions, and preview vocabulary. (This can be done first thing next week if we're short on time.)
  • Read Once Upon a Time, pp 11-16 Download pdf.
  • Final draft of A Quilt of a Country essay due the last class of the week.
  • We can always start working on the fiction project if we have time.
Week 4: Week of 14-Sep-2020, A
  • Read Once Upon a Time, pp 11-16. Download pdf.
  • In class Monday -- evaluate Once Upon a Time with regards to elements of fiction. Which elements are emphasized? Explore in detail.
  • Once Upon a Time culminating activity options. You must choose one of the following:
    • Alternate ending: Write an alternate ending to the story. Minimum words - 350.
    • Chronological outline: Create an outline for the story on Google Docs. The outline must reflect all events or movements in the story.
    • Character analysis: Write your own analysis for each character. What type of person are they? What motivates them? What do they look like? You can use a Google Doc, mindmap (Coggle), website, video, or any other media with teacher's permission.
    • Analysis of the elements of fiction in Once Upon a Time. This can be completed using a media of your choice (i.e., mind map, infographic, text).
    • All options will be graded using the General Homework Rubric
    • Due this Friday
  • Wednesday: Discuss IRP options and expectations. Have our first IRP small group discussion.
  • Continue working on fiction project
  • Friday: BoY Assessment
Week 5: Week of 21-Sep-2020, B
  • Read Rituals of Memory pp. 21-24 Download pdf.
  • Using Coggle or other mind mapping tool, create a mindmap for Rituals of Memory. Your map should include memories from the essay, qualities of those memories, other thoughts or experiences the author shares, etc.
  • Work on fiction project
  • Thursday: We will read the first chapter of Winesburg, Ohio as a class and complete a character traits activity in small groups. In groups, identify excerpts from the chapter which exemplify specific traits. So you'll be selecting excerpts based on two criteria: 1) richness of language, and 2) description of specific character traits or qualities.
  • Briefly discuss the learning objectives for our movie next week, Dead Poets Society.
Week 6: Week of 28-Sep-2020, Mon & Fri no school for students, Tue is an A
  • Participation
Week 7: Week of 05-Oct-2020, B
  • Preview Analyze the Text p 53
  • Read The March on Washington, pp 47-51.. You can download a recording of the actual speech at (The teacher can scan pp 47-51 if necessary.) Also read Read from Nobody Turn Me Around: A People's History of the 1963 March on Washington, pp 55-68. As you read both pieces, identify excerpts and passages that you find are still very relevant today. Next week, you will complete an assignment in which you share and explain your selections.
Week 8: Week of 12-Oct-2020, Mon holiday, Tue is an A, Wed is an 8-period with PSAT, drills
  • Identify at least four passages from the readings assigned last week that you think are still particularly relevant today. Explain why you have selected each passage and give specific examples of how it is relevant today. In other words, give specific examples of how that relevance is expressed by recent events (i.e., events in your lifetime). This can be completed as a Google Doc, PPT, video, podcast, or any other format with teacher approval. Due Friday. Be sure to cite passages specifically rather than referring to them in general terms.
  • The Censors pre-reading. Groups research author and historical context.
  • Fiction Project - Brainstorming
  • How is your IRP coming? Talk about IRP presentations which are due in two weeks.
Week 9: Week of 19-Oct-2020, B, no school for students Fri
  • Read The Censors pp 89-92.
  • Complete Performance Task p 94 Step 2. But instead of you writing both letters yourself, you will write the first letter and pass it to your classmate, and you will write the second letter about that which your classmate passed to you. Download activity instructions. Three points to the winning censor team.
    Standards: W2, W6, L5
    Objectives: You will be able to identify and use the connotations and denotations of words and phrases.
  • Fiction Project: Brainstorm, list, discuss. Share at least one potential element (character, setting premise, etc.) for possible development. Nothing due this week, but you should exploring ideas!
  • IRP presentations for Q1 book due in two weeks
Week 10: Week of 26-Oct-2020, A, no school for students Fri
  • Finish The Censors activity. Three points to the winning censor team.
  • Pirzada pre-reading: Groups explore and share history of Bengali fight for independence resulting in the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation in 1971.
  • Read When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine, pp 103-118. You can download this story for printing here.
  • Pirzada Performance Task p. 120. You can download the instructions here.
    Standards: RL1, RL3, RL6,W9
    Objective: You will use clues from a narrative to write letters from the perspective of one of the characters.
  • Review IRP requirements
Week 11: Week of 02-Nov-2020, A
  • Pirzada quiz
  • IRP presentations for Q1 book due the end of the week
  • First deliverable for the fiction project due the end of this week.
    Instructions: Describe one main element of fiction that you've been considering. That might be an interesting character, the setting, a premise or situation, or some other element. Even if you have started developing your story complete with multiple elements, this activity calls for the exploration of just one element in detail. How long should this be? I can't see this being completed in less than 500 words or so, and you may end up writing significantly more than that. Regardless, keep your audience in mind. Completing this activity is meant to be a process of discovery, but it's also one in which you effectively communicate what you discover about the target element with your audience. Remember to proofread! Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be graded using the General Homework Rubric (linked in footer.)
  • Friday we go to the library to get new IRP books
Week 12: Week of 09-Nov-2020, B, Wed holiday
  • Begin IRP presentations for those who choose to present their IRPs in person to the class. Remember that even if you decide not to present your IRP in person, your deliverable has to be accessible by the class. We will be viewing your IRP presentation in class.
    Students presenting: Gabriella, Kimberly, Gabriel
  • Logical fallacies: in-class activity
  • Discuss Persuasive Essay. Identify topic. If we can identify the topic early in the class, we can create logical fallacies for it rather than the situations on the form to be handed out.
Week 13: Week of 16-Nov-2020, B
  • Read The Last Leaf
  • Work on #1 of the lesson for The Leap as an in-class exercise.
  • Best of two:
    1. The Last Leaf quiz
    2. Use each word in a sentence (for 10 sentences): LIST: encroach, extricate, constrict, comply, tentative, cataracts, commemorates, trapeze, anticipation, weathering with the context for each sentence being social media.
  • Persuasive essay: Work on arguments. Consider debate format. Debate tentatively scheduled for next week.
  • Fiction project: Work in groups to explore another element if time permits
  • Watch The Last Leaf short movie adaptation if time permits
Week 14: Week of 23-Nov-2020, A, Thu & Fri holiday
  • Debate prep Monday
  • Standards: RL1-5, SL1
  • Persuasive essay: Work on outline which is due next week
  • Debate on Wednesday
  • Fiction project: Where are we? Let's aim for at least one more deliverable this semester. Should we consider more options for the deliverable format? Consider: Interview or role play for characters, visual representation for setting, timeline or other visual for plot or storylines, etc.
  • Read The Leap pp 339-346. You can download The Leap here.
Week 15: Week of 30-Nov-2020, B
  • Read The Leap pp 339-346. You can download The Leap here.
  • The Leap quiz
  • Persuasive essay outline due
  • Fiction project element due next week. We can spend class time on it this week.
  • How's your IRP coming? It's due before our holiday break.
Week 16: Week of 07-Dec-2020, Mon CCR no school for students, Tue A day
  • Read Love's Vocabulary pp 163-168
  • Group activity
    1. As a class, come up with four sentences, two of which include the word love and two which include the word hate. The sentences can be fictional or non-fictional, but the subject (whether it be a person, place, or thing) should be very familiar to everyone.
    2. In groups, rewrite each sentence without using love or hate. Be as expressive and descriptive as possible. Your goal is to replace the ambiguous words love and hate with more specific, expressive language.
  • Love's Vocabulary quiz second class of the week
  • Persuasive essay due absolutely no later than the first class of the week

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Week 17: Week of 14-Dec-2020, A
  • Logical connectors
  • Fiction project instalment due
Week 18: Week of 04-Jan-2020, B
  • TBA
Week 19: Week of 11-Jan-2020, Exam schedule
  • IRP Presentations
  • Reflection on where the fiction project is going and where you'd like it to go

*You need to get the teacher's permission before completing an extra credit project. All work for the week needs to be completed before you can work on extra credit. Extra credit projects can only be completed for the week they are listed.