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Hi everybody at Edgren!

Anything that looks like this needs to be turned in.

Anything that looks like this needs to be read.

Anything that looks like this is a credit / no-credit activity.

Week 1: Week of 18-Jan-2021, Monday holiday, Tuesday A day
Week 2: Week of 25-Jan-2021, A
  • Pre-reading discussion. In groups, list at least 5 reasons why we should or should not explore space.
  • Read The Real Reasons We Explore Space pp 433-436, or read it online here.
  • Discuss p 437 and additional logical fallacies
  • Standards: RI1-3, 5, 6, 8; W1; L3, 4c
  • Analyzing the Text, p 438, for the Space reading.
  • Plan for debate on your why you do or do not agree with most of the author's propositions regarding the real reason we explore space, including:
    - We want to be the first or best at something
    - We want to leave something behind for future generations (i.e., monuments)
    - We are curious
Week 3: Week of 01-Feb-2021, B
Week 4: Week of 08-Feb-2021, A, Friday no classes for students
Week 5: Week of 15-Feb-2021, Monday holiday, Tuesday A day
Week 6: Week of 22-Feb-2021, A
Week 7: Week of 01-Mar-2021, B
  • Post answers to the following questions for An Ordinary Man to the deliverables spreadsheet, or you can print it out and hand it to the teacher:
    • List three facts that stand out to you and why
    • List three actions the author took to protect those in his hotel
    • List three causes of the genocide according to the author
    • According to the author, what was the most important thing that saved the lives of the people in the hotel? Why was this so important?
    • Standards: RI 1, 2, 4; W 10; SL 2-3; L6
Week 8: Week of 08-Mar-2021, A, Friday no classes for students
  • Read Deep Survival pp 325-334
  • Quiz for Deep Survival (The teacher can find the quiz on the online textbook and either print it or have students take it online.)
  • Standards: RI 1-6; W1

Listen to Deep Survival with short pauses at page breaks

Week 9: Week of 15-Mar-2021, A
  • Performance Task p 336, Argument due by the end of the school day Friday.
  • Standards: RI 1-6; W1

Instructions for Performance Task p 336

Week 10: Week of 22-Mar-2021, B, Thursday no classes for students, Friday spring break starts

Week 11: Week of 05-Apr-2021, A
  • And of Clay Are We Created pre-reading activities
  • Read And of Clay Are We Created - Download
Week 12: Week of 12-Apr-2021, B
  • And of Clay Are We Created outline due. You will be comparing elements of the story with elements of COVID-19 manifestation in the US.
Week 13: Week of 19-Apr-2021, A, Wedneday no classes for students
  • And of Clay Are We Created essay due
Week 14: Week of 26-Apr-2021, A
  • Pre-reading activities for The Lottery
  • Read The Lottery. Download here. (If that link doesn't work, search on The Lottery Full Text.)
Week 15: Week of 03-May-2021, B
  • Project for The Lottery due: Identify as many examples of literary devices as possible (i.e., foreshadowing, symbolism, irony, tension, etc.)
Week 16: Week of 10-May-2021, A
Week 17: Week of 17-May-2021, B
Week 18: Week of 24-May-2021, A, Friday no school (check)
Week 19: Week of 31-May-2021, Monday holiday, Tuesday B day
Week 20: Week of 07-Jun-2021, A, Friday no classes for students
  • TBA