Ad Campaign Project

In this multi-stage project, you will create an advertising campaign for a product or service of your choice.

For this project, you will have five deliverables including:

  • Oral description of your product or service
    You will describe your product or service to the class and respond to questions about it. Graded as credit/no-credit.
  • Color scheme
    A color scheme is a consistent, repeating use of color combinations in your graphics. Products are almost always associated with color schemes. Can you identify colors used for famous products? Check out the color scheme tools below. To submit your color scheme, you can simply use a screenshot if you use one of the tools below. Although hexadecimal codes will not be required, you should be familiar with them and, ideally, identify codes for your colors. Graded credit/no-credit.
  • Logo
    Your logo will be the symbol or graphic that is consistently used for a product. What famous logos can you think of? Graded using the project rubric linked below.
  • Slogan
    A slogan is a short, catchy phrase that is associated with a product. Can you think of any slogans for famous products? Your slogan can either be part of your logo or separate. Regardless, it should appear in all your ads. Graded using the project rubric linked below.
  • Two additional graphic advertisements, one for the web and one for print.
    These ads will indeed have some things in common, such as the color scheme and logo. But you have to pay more attention to your resolution in the print ad. How big do you want it to be? Graded using the project rubric linked below.

Color scheme tools


Be sure to look at the rubric!