Photoshop Glossary

ActionA recorded step or series of steps that can be saved and played back in order to apply similar changes to multiple images.
Adobe BridgeAn application within Photoshop that is used to manage and browse files and file folders.
Aspect RatioThe affiliation of the width and height in an image’s proportions.
Auto ToneA feature which maximizes the tonal range in each channel of the image.
Batch ProcessingA process within Photoshop CC that allows the user to automatically perform the same set of operations on a selection of files.
Bevel and EmbossA layer style that adds a combination of shadows and highlights to a layer.
Bitmap ModeAn image mode that uses black or white color values to represent the pixels in an image.
Blending ModeAn option specified in the options bar or Layers panel that controls the interaction of pixels in adjacent layers or how pixels are affected by painting/editing tools.
Blur ToolA Photoshop focus tool used to reduce detail on precise areas of an image.
Brush ToolA drawing tool in Photoshop CC which gives the user the ability to draw freestyle using a variety of styles, tips, and strokes.
Burn ToolA blending tool used to increase the amount of exposure to be applied to a specified area of an image.
CINCineon (CIN) is a video raster-based file format that is used with video formats and is proprietary to Kodak.
CMYKCyan Magenta Yellow Black (CMYK) is a color model where cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are mixed together to create and reproduce different colors in the color printing medium.
Camera RawA method of displaying, saving, and manipulating photographic images in a digital setting. Camera Raw images are commonly produced by high-end cameras and may be managed in Photoshop CC.
CanvasThe workspace where an image is attached.
ChannelsAn optical depiction for each of the colors of light (red, green, blue), and the RGB color mode used to determine how much light is in an image with regard to the colors of light.
Character PanelA Photoshop CC panel that provides the user with the ability to change text attributes, such as kerning, tracking, and leading.
Clone Stamp ToolA tool in Photoshop CC that samples a specific portion of an image that can be applied to another image or another part of the same image. The Clone Stamp tool is useful for removing image artifacts or for repairing missing portions of an image.
Color PickerA Photoshop CC tool and dialog box used to choose or define colors for the background and foreground using a color spectrum or numerical values.
Color ProfileA color management tool that is used to define the range of colors within a color model that is represented within the profile.
Content-Aware ScaleA tool used to select and adjust specific objects in an image rather than an entire image.
ContrastThe difference in brightness between the light and dark areas of an image. Contrast controls the number of shades in the image.
Copyrighted MaterialAn original work whose creator has the sole license to create, copy, or distribute.
DCSDigital Color Separation (DCS) is a print raster-based file format that is used to save print files. It is used less than other print raster formats.
DICOMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is a medical industry standard for storing, managing, printing, and sending digital image information in medical fields.
DNGDigital Negative (DNG) format is an Adobe open image format. It is used for manipulating digital images.
DWGDrawing (DWG) is a binary file format that is vector-based. It is used to save vector-based files.
Delete Cropped PixelsAn option that will remove excess pixels once an image is cropped.
Derivative WorkA work or creation that is created from or based on a preexisting creation.
Digital CameraA camera device used for recording and storing digital images.
Dodge ToolA blending tool used to reduce or increase the amount of exposure on a specified area.
DuotoneA color mode that uses two colors, combining highlights and mid-tones to black and white color while allowing the user to choose the second color.
EPSEncapsulated PostScript (EPS) is a file extension for a vector-based graphics file format, although raster-based Photoshop files can also utilize it. It is used to save vector-based files.
EmbedA process that saves content as part of a publication.
Eyedropper ToolA color selection tool which gives the user the ability to choose a color by grabbing it from an image.
Fair Use CopyrightA copyright policy which implies parts of copyrighted works can be used without permission provided the use is reasonable and does not adversely affect the profit that may be expected by copyrighted owner.
FeatheringA Photoshop CC tool used to smooth the edges of a selection by building a transition boundary between the selection and its surrounding pixels.
FillThe background of a specific object used to fill graphic effects in Photoshop CC.
Fill OpacityAn option that allows for the opacity adjustment of pixels painted on a layer without affecting the opacity of any effects applied to the layer.
FilterA tool used in Photoshop CC to enhance and change the composition of an image.
Flattened ImageAlso known as a background layer, a flattened image is a group of layers placed together which are considered finished or not able to be edited.
Floating PanelA panel that can be moved anywhere within the workspace. A floating panel is not docked to one area. Any panel can become a floating panel.
Free TransformA tool used to for adjusting a selected image's scale with the mouse.
FuzzinessA feature which allows more tones to be included in an adjustment.
GIFGraphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap or raster file format used by the World Wide Web. Limited to 256 colors, it is more effective for images such as illustrations rather than color photographs.
Gradient MapA feature which maps the tones in an image to a selected gradient.
GrayscaleA color mode with a maximum of 256 colors that renders an image in a range of grays from white to black.
GuideA Photoshop layout tool that is used to help a user to align or position properties of a document.
HistogramA graph which depicts all the different tones of the image.
History Brush ToolA tool that restores an image to its original state by painting in the original information.
Intellectual PropertyAn idea, process, or physical creation that comes from the work of the mind.
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is a compression algorithm for condensing the size of image files by subdividing and simplifying complex images. JPEG images are commonly used for photographic quality images over the Internet.
Lasso ToolA Photoshop selection tool used like the Pencil tool to draw freehand selections around image objects.
LayerA segment of a Photoshop CC image document which is separated from other segments for isolated editing.
Magic WandA selection tool used to select a range of similar tonal levels.
MaskA Photoshop CC tool used to isolate and protect areas of an image as color changes, filters, or other effects are applied to the rest of the image.
Match Color ToolA tool which allows the user to make two different images look similar.
MergeA Photoshop feature used to combine two or more images to create a larger image, a combined image with the best exposure, or a combined image that is perfectly aligned.
MetadataInformation that describes the content, quality, condition, origin, and other characteristics of data or other pieces of information. Commonly known as data about data.
OpacityA value that determines how transparent the paint will appear on an image. The lower the value, the more transparent the paint will be. May also refer to the transparency of a layer, mask, or gradient.
OpenEXROpenEXR (.exr) is a video raster-based file format that is used in conjunction with video files.
PDFPortable Document Format (PDF) is a file format that displays a digital document with text or graphics. It can be viewed, printed, and electronically transmitted.
PNGPortable Network Graphics (PNG) is an image file format which supports grayscale, 256 color, true color images, and alpha transparency.
PSBLarge Document Format (PSB) is a specialty format that is used to save very large Photoshop files.
PSDPhotoshop Document (PSD) is the default Photoshop file format which is also print raster-based. It is used in conjunction with print files.
Patch ToolA content-aware tool that will clear an area based on the destination area determined by the user.
Pen ToolA Photoshop selection tool used to make precise selections with sharp, well-defined edges.
Photoshop CCAn Adobe graphics editing program. It is used to manage, edit and perform other actions on various photo, video, and text-based image formats and documents.
PixelA single dot in a digital image that is assigned a specific location and color value. Pixels are the base elements for all images in Photoshop.
ProjectA temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.
Project PlanA roadmap for a project that is used to outline project scope and other elements that ultimately leads to project completion.
Properties PanelA Photoshop CC panel used to display layer properties and elements.
Puppet WarpA Photoshop CC tool which allows the user to specify pivot points, or joints, on an image in order to move the selected objects in a hinge fashion.
Quick Selection ToolA Photoshop CC selection tool in which a user can select a specific pixel, and then the tool will find and select similar pixels.
RGBRed Green Blue (RGB) is a color model in which red, green, and blue are mixed together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors. Typically used in webpages and PDF files which are displayed online.
Raster ImageA graphic image type that displays a grid of pixels. The raster image type is used in various image files with varying formats.
ResolutionThe number of pixels displayed per unit of printed length in an image, usually measured in pixels per inch (ppi).
Rotate ToolA Photoshop CC transform tool used to rotate an object from a specific reference point.
ScannerA peripheral device used for scanning images and converting them into digital data.
Snap ToA Photoshop CC function that forces an object to line up with guidelines or other predefined objects such as rulers.
TARGATruevision TGA (TARGA) is a raster-based video file format that is used to save video formats and was created by Truevision, Inc.
TIFFTagged Image File Format (TIFF) is a flexible bitmap or raster image format with a wide application support base.
Type ToolA Photoshop tool used to enter type and vector graphics onto a document.
VectorA graphic image type that defines an image using paths rather than pixels. It, like raster, is used in various image files with varying formats.
WorkspaceThe layout of panels and tool boxes in the Photoshop application which may be arranged and saved by the user.
Zoom ToolA Photoshop navigation tool used to zoom in and out on an image.