In this stage, you will take your storyboard and your ideas and simply define them to a greater degree. In this stage, you will complete:

  • Defined list of stories and sections
  • Defined sections of your storyboard (i.e., placement of content on storyboard)
  • Your publishing platform

Click here for the rubric.

Publishing platforms

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sites
  • Wordpress Blog (instructor will set it up for you)
  • Wiki (instructor will set it up for you)
  • Other platform with intructor's permission

Recommended sections

For full credit, your publication must include at least three pieces per team member and at least three of the following types total:

  • Interview
  • Feature story
  • Local news
  • National News
  • International News
  • Entertainment
  • Editorial or letter to the editor

For example, if there are three students in a team, there must be a total of at least nine pieces and at least three types content in each publication. In such a case, your publication might include three local news stories, three entertainment pieces, and three interviews. Or it might include two entertainment pieces, two international news stories, two local news stories, one interview, and a feature story.