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Parents, this is the full text from which the activities are taken.


Activities booklet A

Week 1: Week of 26-Aug-2019
  • Review syllabus
  • Review week 2 (sub for one day)
  • Look over materials
  • Sticky note activity - words & short phrases for Journalism - for word cloud
  • Introductory discussion
  • Discuss Toilet Talk. Choose teams.
  • Library computer account set up and orientation - Thursday
Week 2: Week of 02-Sep-2019

For Sep 3, the day the sub is here, students will work in groups to brainstorm and make a short list of toilet talk topics (shoot for at least 3 topics). For each topic on the short list, groups prepare questions they have about the topic and information or data they would need to find.

Click here for examples of past toilet talk posters

Click here for a template you can use for your brainstorm.

Week 3: Week of 09-Sep-2019
Week 4: Week of 16-Sep-2019
  • Lessons 8-9 (graded)
  • In preparation for Lesson 8, students work in groups to locate and share a video clip from a television show that features adolescent characters and is popular with students (if not completed last week) Post your URLs here.
  • Toilet Talk!
  • Journal Activity graded next week. You should have at least 5 entries by next week for full credit. Normally, you need 2 etries per week, but we got a late start.
Week 5: Week of 23-Sep-2019
Week 6: Week of 30-Sep-2019
  • Lesson 18
  •, or you can use a local paper of your choice but it needs to include all the sections required by the activity page
Week 7: Week of 07-Oct-2019
  • Lesson 19
Week 8: Week of 14-Oct-2019
  • Lesson 23
Week 9: Week of 21-Oct-2019
  • Lesson 24
Week 10: Week of 28-Oct-2019
  • Lessons 28-29

Quarter 2 schedule coming soon...