Video for Grades 7-8



  • Coming Q2

Royalty Free Images, Audio, and Video

Free Video and Audio Software


Individually, you will combine images, video, and audio into an AV collage of 30s to 1 minute.


  • Review importing media into Adobe Premiere and working with tracks and the timeline
  • Browse the collections of media accessible on the left main menu
  • Download your chosen media to your computer
  • Import media into Adobe Premiere
  • Arrange and edit media
  • Export in H.264 format (mp4)
  • Upload to Google Drive and add shareable link to your portfolio


This is a credit/no credit activity. In order to receive credit, your movie must:

  • Be between 30 seconds and 1 minute
  • Include at least 5 visual media (5 pictures, 3 pictures and 2 videos, etc.)
  • Include audio
  • Have no black screen longer than 1 second
  • Have an audio track for the entire video (but there may be sections with no audio playing)