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Hi everybody at Edgren!

Anything that looks like this needs to be turned in.

Weekly challenge: One of the learning objectives for this course is for you to develop your self-directed learning. Therefore, you will be expected to use the Internet to find solutions to technical problems in this class. For example, if you're not sure how to import audio into Premiere Pro, well, sure, you can look at the resources in the menu at left. But what if you don't like those resources? What if you find them too complicated or if they don't answer a specific question you have? The weekly challenge is for you to find at least one online resource to solve a problem you're having.

When you find a resource for the weekly challenge, please add it to the weekly challenge spreadsheet so we can all benefit!

Week 1: Week of 18-Jan-2021, Monday holiday, Tuesday A day
Week 2: Week of 25-Jan-2021, A
Week 3: Week of 01-Feb-2021, B
Week 4: Week of 08-Feb-2021, A, Friday no classes for students
Week 5: Week of 15-Feb-2021, Monday holiday, Tuesday A day
Week 6: Week of 22-Feb-2021, A
Week 7: Week of 01-Mar-2021, B
Week 8: Week of 08-Mar-2021, A, Friday no classes for students
Week 9: Week of 15-Mar-2021, A
  • PSA Step 5: shoot the video!
  • PSA Step 6: Edit
Week 10: Week of 22-Mar-2021, B, Thursday no classes for students, Friday spring break starts

Schedule for Q4 coming soon

Quarter 4

Week 11: Week of 05-Apr-2021, A
Week 12: Week of 12-Apr-2021, B
Week 13: Week of 19-Apr-2021, A, Wedneday no classes for students
Week 14: Week of 26-Apr-2021, A
Week 15: Week of 03-May-2021, B
Week 16: Week of 10-May-2021, A
Week 17: Week of 17-May-2021, B
Week 18: Week of 24-May-2021, A, Friday no school (check)
Week 19: Week of 31-May-2021, Monday holiday, Tuesday B day