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Video for Grades 7-8


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Course Description

This is a hands-on, project-based video course in which students will complete approximately three short videos in 10 weeks. Each video project includes multiple deliverables including proposals, storyboards, schedules, and final videos. Please see the schedule for projects and dates.


We will be using Adobe Premiere to edit videos. Adobe Premiere is installed on school computers, and we will be using on-line tutorials for mastering specific software functions.

We will also be using a variety of example videos which can be found on the project pages via the schedule.

Teacher Contact Information

Instructor: Daniel Roggenkamp
Room: 204
Phone: DSN: 226-4377

Suggested Supplies

Students will have the option to use their personal devices for this course, including cell phones and cameras. A permission slip will go out the first week of school. If a parent does not wish their child to use their personal device for this course, they can indicate that on the permission slip.

Grading Policy

The weighted categories for grading are:

  • 80% Deliverables. This includes all videos and video elements, such as storyboards and proposals. Work submitted late will lose 20% initially, then 10% for each week late after 24 hours. So, if a project is turned in 8 days late, it would lose 30%.

  • 10% Participation. Students will receive at least one grade during the quarter reflecting their performance in class. Click here for rubric.

  • 10% Credit / No credit activities.

Classroom Management and Discipline

Students will get two warnings for inappropriate behavior. On the third occurrence, the teacher will contact the parents or guardians to discuss possible solutions. If the behavior continues, the teacher will contact the counselor and principal and the student may face detention or other disciplinary action.


If a student is found to have committed plagiarism, they will receive a 0 for the activity, and the teacher will contact the counselor and parents or guardians. The student may be given the opportunity to redo the work depending on the circumstances of the plagiarism (i.e., whether it appears intentional or unintentional, or whether it is a first offense.)