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  • The first reason is that it could be considered profiling, not all teens are trouble, not all teens are loud and obnoxious.
  • You can’t just go around saying all people are the same it’s one wrong and not true.
  • The second reason on why teens shouldn't be banned from the place are if a teen does cause problems to take care of just the one person don't make everyone else suffer for one thing one stupid teen did.
  • You might wonder why I say that because teens most teenage guys love to play video games girls like to play games too but a majority of them are male.
  • She shows how disgusted she is when she watches films about bats that perceive them as frightening creatures.
  • The age is not the problem why there are many accidents happening.
  • If these teenagers who deserves the license, then they can show it during the new and more challenging tests.
  • Some car accidents happens because people can’t follow rules.
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Page last modified on October 25, 2018, at 02:53 PM