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In acts 1-3 we get an introduction of the characters in the story. Mr. Frank and his family run away from the nazis during this era of history, which is the holocaust. Mr. Frank and his family are jews and have to run away from the Germans and go into hiding. They hide in a warehouse on top of Miep and Mr. Kralers workshop in Amsterdam. Mr. Frank brings one family with them as well which are the Van Daans. There are a grand total of 9 people quietly living on top of Mr. Kraler’s workshop. Mr. Frank instricts everyone on very strict rules. They all cannot make noise during work hours and have to be quiet for long periods of time.

Anne frank, which is the main character of the story is a very hyper girl. The other characters take notice of her actions by expressing maturity toward her. They tell her to be more like Margot Frank. Margot Frank is a better version of Anne Frank. Her mother suggest of being more mature, however that is incapable for anne frank. Mr. Frank is the otherwise known as the leader of the group. Mr Frank is smart and knows what to do under these living conditions.

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