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This home page is under the teacher namespace. I'm using this page mainly to store wiki snippets and test features. Nothing important to see here ladies and gentlemen. Please keep moving. Yes, this way… or that way… Oh… OK.. that way will be fine.

Attribute PmWiki Dokuwiki
Tables Easy to modify attributes of tables. Can use %. Attributes require plugin and more work. Can't make 0 borders.
Media Impossible, almost Easy breezy
Permissions Allows page permissions There may be a plugin for page permissions, but haven't found one yet. There needs to be some way for users to protect their own pages.

Dokuwiki links:



<html> <form



  Your message:<br>
  <textarea name="message" rows="10" cols="50"></textarea>
<!-- your other form fields go here -->

<br> <b>Remember to click Send »</b> <button type=“submit”>Send</button> </form> </html>

A set of fields
even more fields

Some static text that could be an agreement


header 1 header 2
Just testing this wiki out. Let me know if you'd like your own account. Unlike PmWiki, which The Daily runs on, this wiki can have multiple users. cell B1
Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3
Row 1 Col 1 this cell spans vertically Row 1 Col 3
Row 2 Col 1 Row 2 Col 3
Row 3 Col 1 Row 2 Col 3

Main Menu
Here's a link
Here's another link
And here's a third link
Links not active
For testing only

Blank 3-column, 3-row table:

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